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One of the biggest threats for today’s digital world is virus and cyber security. We all use internet on our devices, but we need to be extra cautious while accessing internet. If our laptop is loaded with updated antivirus, we are safe, otherwise our privacy will be hampered, and our data can be stolen by the scammers and hackers. Yes, our laptop can be hacked, and our confidential data can be lost if we do not keep our laptop secure with updated antivirus. We understand the seriousness of this issue, therefor we provide comprehensive antivirus installation service to our clients across Delhi NCR area. Whether you want McAfee antivirus, Kaspersky, Avira antivirus, AVG antivirus, and more. There is a huge list of antiviruses available in the market. Depending on yourpreferences and requirements of the security, we will suggest you the best antivirus installation. If your laptop is infected with the virus and you want to get your system cleaned, call us for virus removal service. Our company Lappy Lab is one of the top-rated company which provide total solution for all hardware and software trouble at best price by expert engineer.

Is our charge extra for doorstep services?

No, unlike other laptop repair serviceagencies, we do not charge extra for our doorstep laptop repair services. Our doorstep antivirus installation service includes diagnosis of your system, identifying the current systems and virus removal service before installing the new antivirus. We will install the best antivirus depending on the system performance.

Will my system performancebe reduced due to the antivirusinstallation?

No, antiviruses do not hamper the laptop performanceand speed. If you install the original software with license key. We will install the originalantivirus with the original key to activate the antivirus and secure your system from the cyber threats. Mostof the antivirus provides security from various system threats.